Echo 8gb Pro

Livescribe has announced that it is now rolling out a new Echo Smartpen 8GB Pro Edition in time for the Back-to-School. The Echo smartpen is an all-in-one device that digitises notes written on paper and records audio synchronised to handwriting using the built-in microphone. Then, Echo transfers all your notes and audio to a computer via USB for storage, organisation and sharing.

The Echo smartpen 8GB Pro Edition costs £199.99. The Pro Edition includes 8GB of built-in storage on the smartpen – enough space for up to 800 hours of pencasts or over one hundred thousand pages of notes. The package also comes with a free download of Echo Desktop, a 100-page notebook, smartpen portfolio, the 3-D Recording headset, two ink cartridges, two smartpen caps and a micro-USB cable. As a bonus, customers also receive MyScript for Livescribe, software, which allows customers to convert their handwriting into digital text.

The Echo smartpen works with the Echo Desktop software application to allow customers to manage their notes and pencasts.  Echo Desktop was recently revamped to provide greater flexibility and convenience in organising and sharing their content. Notes can be shared as digital text (after conversion using MyScript for Livescribe), PDF or images. Pencasts are exported as PDF’s that can be opened in a standard PDF reader and can be played back on any computer as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices. Echo Desktop is free to download and works with Windows 7 or newer and Mac OS X 10.8.5 or newer operating systems.

The Echo Smartpen 8GB Pro will be available in the coming weeks from