New desktop software for Echo released

Desktop software update replaces Livescribe Desktop while Live PDF enables customers to use their smartpens with any printed document.

Livescribe has released an important update to Livescribe Desktop software named Echo Desktop, for managing notes and pencasts created with Echo smartpens.

In addition Echo and wifi smartpen users, with Microsoft Windows, can now print any document and capture handwriting with their smartpen using Live PDF ( Live PDF is a paid for service of that enables the creation of printed documents that can then be written upon with a smartpen. Ideal for forms and presentations. See Blog Post Livescribe goes Live!.

Echo Desktop

Echo Desktop is designed to modernise and streamline how smartpen users store and organise their notes. The software update introduces a new way to share notes and pencasts. Echo Desktop uses PDF format and native Windows and Mac sharing methods, making sharing information easier while standardizing the sharing format.

Instead of relying on Adobe Flash-based technology, Echo Desktop gives customers the ability to share pencasts with the same Livescribe PDF file format created by Livescribe+ on iOS devices. (Livescirbe+ App is free from the Apple App Store . By using PDF for exporting pencasts, users will have more flexibility to share their notes and play back interactive audio-pencasts on a wider range of Macs, PCs and mobile devices. Smartpen users will be able to export standard PDFs of their notebook pages and stand-alone audio files of their recordings as well.

With Livescribe PDF files, people can save their pencasts on any online service, email them to a range of devices and open them in Echo Desktop or the Livescribe+ iOS app. In addition, if someone does not have Livescribe software installed, they can open a Livescribe PDF file and play back the linked written and audio notes using the web-based Livescribe Player at

Existing notes, custom notebooks and pencasts from Livescribe Desktop will still be available after Echo Desktop is installed. Smartpen apps and handwriting search will continue to work as they did in Livescribe Desktop. MyScript for Livescribe, the handwriting conversion application from industry-leader MyScript, is still integrated with Echo Desktop.

Optional upgrade

Echo Desktop is an optional upgrade for Echo smartpen customers, with support for Windows 7 or above, and Mac OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) or newer. Customers on older operating systems can continue to use their current version of Livescribe Desktop, however support for Livescribe Desktop will be phased out and as previously announced, the Echo Community will be discontinued at the end of 2014.

Echo Desktop can be downloaded here.

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