Livescribe goes Live!

Livescribe’s support for Live PDF opens up an entirely new way for us to use our smartpens. With the Live PDF service, Echo or wifi smartpen users can print documents from any Windows application using a color laser printer. Any notes, comments or other annotations made on the printouts will be synced into the master document when the smartpen is plugged into a computer.

Live PDF makes any document more useful by allowing customers to add their own handwritten notes, annotations or sketches to printed documents – and automatically save that information digitally on their computer or anywhere else they store PDF files. The documents can be sent via email or shared using services such as Evernote, OneNote or Dropbox.

However, the full power of Live PDF is found in the collaboration features. Multiple people working on a single document can add their comments and markups to the document and Live PDF will collect everyone’s edits in a single document and automatically distribute the updates into each person’s inbox. Someone could mark up PowerPoint slides, share a signed contract without a scanner, or review a presentation and easily capture notes and edits.

The collaboration features have broad applications across personal, business or education uses. Users can easily capture digital signatures from paper documents without scanning. Contractors can capture client changes and secure sign-off from their customer. Healthcare professionals can keep track of their patient notes.


The Live PDF Personal plan is available for $24 per year and allows customers to print up to 50 documents per month. More details are available at Other plans are available.

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