Important Update to Livescribe 3 and LS+ App

Livescribe 3 Smartpens Now Support Auto-Send to OneNote 

With the App update to Livescribe+ v1.3, users can set up the Livescribe+ app to Auto-Send notes from any of their physical notebooks to OneNote, making it even easier to store, organize and search their notes written with pen and paper on the range of devices they rely upon.

With this new update to Livescribe+, the Auto-Send capability allows users to set up any Livescribe notebook to automatically send all its contents to a specific notebook in OneNote. During classes and meetings, people can just pull out a Livescribe 3 and start writing as they always have, with the knowledge that everything they write will end up in OneNote. All the notes, sketches, diagrams and charts that are best captured with a pen can be placed into OneNote notebooks alongside all the other information people rely on in OneNote, for maximum mobile productivity.

Despite the plethora of note taking devises systems still there is no ready replacement for the flexibility and intuitiveness of pen and paper. When a student or business person is trying to keep up with a rapid discussion in a meeting, brainstorming their next great idea, or even just jotting down an item to pick up at the grocery store, the speed and flexibility of pen and paper can help capture an idea before it flies away. If someone needs to sketch out an idea, think through a problem, or send someone a funny doodle, then pen and paper is the best medium to combine productivity with a personal touch. But only a smartpen will let someone write things down, while storing everything digitally.

The further integration with OneNote enhances the capability, flexibility, security and productivity of the Livescribe 3 smartpen.