STUDENTS can work SMARTER , not HARDER! and NEVER miss a WORD with Livescribe Smartpens. BELIEVE… It is Possible!

Swamped with stacks of folders and sheets of copious notes, or if you’re about to go to University for the first time and want get the most out of your lectures – a Livescribe smartpen can help ensure you never miss – or lose - a word. BELIEVE.

We’ve all done it in classes or seminars, trying to desperately listen and make notes simultaneously. Impossible to do both things perfectly at the same time. RIGHT?

The Livescribe smartpen is the solution: every single page, paragraph and scribble backed-up on your computer, safe from loss or damage, searchable by key words at a later date and, even better, the ability to tap on any part of your writing and hear exactly what was being said in your class or lecture at that moment in time. A TOTAL REVISON PACKAGE IN ONE.

The Science bit, it is proven that it helps you learn smarter. Researchers at Princeton University* found that students who handwrite their notes process information more deeply than laptop note-takers who primarily transcribe what they hear. As a result, capturing notes with pen and paper leads to better performance in exams, especially those that require a conceptual understanding of the material.

Livescribe and  has a family of smartpens that cost less than a festival ticket and will do you more good in the long term without getting wet! Also your parents will love you more! 

You can choose from the Livescribe 3, wifi or Echo smartpen at

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