Which Livescribe smartpen is write for me?


Here SPS offers some insight to help you make the correct choice of Livescribe smartpen.


The Livescribe Echo smartpen is the original platform and is the only platform of the three that is intrinsically reliant on the Livescribe Desk Top software platform for back up of your notes and audio and offers the functionality for organising and sharing your work.

Suitable for heavy notetakers, especially students, PA’s and anyone who wishes to have the comfort of a desktop solution for data backup and a software interface at their fingertips for both Mac and PC. Plug the pen in to the PC via USB to automatically upload and save your data while charging.

Livescribe Desktop (LD) enables key word search for documents, the creation of custom notebooks to help organise notes, the creation of emailable attachments of your notes called Pencast PDF’s  and an easy interface for sharing via other systems including Evernote.

If you are looking for full document transcription of handwriting to editable text then Echo is for you. Via Myscript for Livescribe by Vision Objects this $30 download will transcribe you written documents to editable text ready for correction and export to Word or email and other document types. Echo is the only smartpen format to offer this solution.

SPS Brief: USB connectivity. Desktop  software.  Handwriting  transcription option. Mac and PC.


This revolutionary platform utilises the power of wifi, cloud based technology and great note taking software Evernote. This is not an upgrade from Echo. The wifi smarten is its own ecosystem with unique characteristics and functionality.

Again taking notes and audio with paper and pen, the similarity ends. When connected to a known wifi network, your notes and audio will automatically leave the pen, pass through the cloud and arrive in your Evernote account. Once in Evernote you can then organise and share your notes. Evernote can be accessed from nearly any devise and is format agnostic. Mac. PC, Mobile, Android, in fact any device that has the Evernote App or a web browser.  A truly mobile platform.

The wifi smartpen platform suits users that are comfortable with cloud based solutions and especially anyone who already uses Evernote. Great for heavy note takers, however there is currently no handwriting to text transcription service available. There is an audio to text cloud based service available from Transcribe Me, however for long documents this can become expensive as you pay by the minute.

SPS Brief: wifi connectivity. Cloud based access. Evernote required. Access from any device anywhere.


The latest smartpen platform from Livescribe, released at the end of 2013. This smartpen utilises and exploits the power of Apple iOS and therefore is a perfect partner to your iPad*, iPhone* or iPod Touch*.  *iPad 3 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer, iPod Touch 5th Gen

Designed by a Pen designer this smartpen resembles and feels like a high end writing instrument. The pen syncs to the Livescribe+ App (available free from the Apple Apps store) via Bluetooth LE. Once connected your paper notes upload to the App and are stored on your device. If you are connected to your device while taking notes you can capture and link audio to your notes. The audio is recorded on the device and uses the enhanced audio recording that Apple devices offer. Your notes will appear in on screen as you write on paper

The Livescribe+ App enables the sharing of your notes via other Apps you already have including Evernote, OneNote, Dropbox, email etc

Transcription software is built into the App so snippets of your notes can be turned into text instantly and actioned by the iOS. Create calendar entries, contacts, reminders, addresses that can go straight to Maps directly from your notes. Even write a phone number and call it or send a text.

Additional information like photos can be added to your notes on the devise to enhance your hand written and audio notes.

The Livescribe+ App is continuously updated and other Apps are being written all the time.

SPS Brief: Apple companion only. App based note taking, sharing and more. 

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